All of you is welcome – Retreat, discover, refuel, party!

There’s nothing like spending time with amazing people – especially whilst in Provence! This August I did something I’ve not done in a very long time… I went on holiday with a group of friends and left my bike at home and it was bloody lovely! After the antics of cycling to Wales and back […]

The Pennine Rally – ‘Riding the rough with the smooth’

‘Rough with the smooth’ means you have to accept the bad or unpleasant things in a situation as well as the good things. Who knew that June would be such an epic adventure into the unknown: With a love for nature, mountains and the great outdoors… when I was asked by Alison Dex to take […]

Precious Days – words arrive in my sleep

Tears of sadness fill my heart, For when does one decide it’s time to depart, Not making a call to have a conversation and chat, To talk about what’s worrying you under your hat. This evening my heart feels heavy and sad, For young lives that end before they start, What sorrow, pain and sadness […]

Colourful return to nature

A colourful return to nature creates a sense of wellbeing

The pandemic has created a seismic shift in human behaviour. We have adapted well to new ways of working and new ways of communicating with our friends and family, but how will the hospitality industry use colour to connect with the new type of customer that is emerging? Reassuring the post-corona consumer Colour is a […]


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