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It’s time to live our best life. To celebrate living in the moment, being curious to what’s around us, and noticing what brings a sense of wellbeing to our lives.

Feel free to join in with my colourful creations and conscious musing – all of you is welcome (yes I mean ‘all’), as are all topics of conversation that interest you.

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The Joy of Colour – Mother Nature leads the way

Perhaps it’s autumn and the colours that are in the trees, but I absolutely LOVE this time of year! It’s a time when Mother Nature burns with delight, turning leaves to many shades of gold, orange, red, burnt umber, maroon, pink, yellow… there are so many colours to mention. It’s also a time when she […]

Decoding Colour – What does your brand say about you? 

I truly believe that colour can, and does, help people connect emotionally with others, an environment, a brands product, and a brand itself in an authentic and congruent way. However, I often think that colour is overlooked as a marketing tool by many brands and businesses, and is not given enough consideration – usually because […]

Immersion in mother nature – summer smiles, sunshine and silliness 

This summer has been pretty unusual in that I decided to take my summer holiday in the UK, well… Wales to be precise – so no planes, and no trains – instead bicycles and campervans, and numerous flotation devices from paddle boards, sea kayaks, to power boats that ruled the waves, which always means adventure […]

Creative Conversations – a big Thank You… So, what’s next?

On Sunday Adeline and I concluded the first 14 week ‘Creative Conversations’ programme. For me, bringing together a group of amazing people to discover and rediscover their creative self has been a truly magical journey. It’s not the first time I’ve hosted an online group coaching programme, but it is the first time we’ve created […]

Pretty in Pink – Happy Feet (and body)

It’s the third or fourth week in a row I’ve been to the doctors, every three days, to have my feet checked… This was back in the early 1990’s… I didn’t know what it was or what was causing it. My GP at the time didn’t understand it either. Thankfully, after a few weeks of […]

Gorgeous Girls go Gravelling in Girona

Train tickets purchased… rental bikes ordered and paid for… AirBnB booked… bag packed (yup, one small trolly dolly for ten days), passport in hand – and I’m ready for the off! For one reason or another, March was a pretty weird, stressful, and unusual month (take your pick of those words, they all fit the […]


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