Emma Potter

Brand strategist, colour consultant, coach.

I have a zest for living my best life and a passion to share the power of colour to enhance our wellbeing, for ourselves, our homes and our businesses.

In the press:

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Get in touch:

Hi I’m Emma – a conscious creator.

From an early age I’ve been fascinated by colour – how I use it, and how I connect with it, and how it impacts and influences every aspect of my life. Being a creative at heart I understand that colour has the ability to impact my mood, change how I feel, and influence my behaviour. Which poses the question – if that happens for me, does the same happen for you?

With a focus on conscious creating I’ve been investigating how to further embrace colour as a means to transformation into the best version of me. This personal development journey has led me to explore a range of coaching methodologies, and to understand more about the science of applied colour psychology. 

What I’m keen to share with you is how we are able to consciously take steps to better know ourselves, and how we can use the power of colour to raise our vibration and live our best life.

Consciously creating for…


Understand your relationship with colour and how to use it to enhance your life.

Your business

Create a brand that’s authentic and uses colour to connect with your audience.

Your home

Design a home that enhances your wellbeing and raises your energy and vibration.

Conscious creations…


I’ve immersed myself in personal development and various coaching methods – from the traditional to the more intuitive.

  • Natural Success – Unleash your genius, Alchemy for success, Create your destiny, Creative Warrior and Soul Safari
  • Evolution Training – NLP Diploma, NLP Practitioner
  • MOE Foundation – Coach Training Course


With a growth mindset I’m always keen to keep learning to enhance my creativity and enrich my approach to life.

  • Colour Psychology – Advanced Colour Mentoring Programme
  • Textile Design (BA Hons) – Nottingham University
  • Digital Marketing Diploma – IDM

Exhibitions and shows

When I graduated (yes it was a while ago) I was lucky to be selected for ‘New Designers’, a leading London graduate design show. At this event I was approached by a couple of agents who subsequently sold my designs around the world at global design shows in America to Premier Vision in Europe. In addition I’ve exhibited my work in some galleries closer to home.

  • UK wide – Knightsbridge in London, Surrey, Sussex, Nottingham, Brighton and the South-West
  • Europe – There’s a couple of my painting hanging in a chateau in France. They were handpicked from the gallery in Knightsbridge by an interior designer who was selecting artwork for a client. Bespoke framing and hand staining of the frame really added another dimension to the work.