Rejection is redirection

Let’s face it, for most people, being made redundant is not easy and it is often incredibly stressful. There’s fear of the unknown, it feels like rejection, it feels like you’re not good enough, it can feel embarrassing to talk about. Yet it happens to many great people, including me.

The truth of the matter is, rejection is redirection. I love this saying. I find it helps to accept a situation for what it is, it has helped me to reflect and appreciate the lessons learnt, and to embrace a new chapter that is gathering momentum.

Navigating change 

Chaos serves a purpose in our lives and it’s important to recognise this – it’s uncomfortable, it’s messy, yet it’s an opportunity to pause, reflect and to see things differently, to see a new perspective. It’s very easy to stay with that we know, to be ‘comfortable’, even when it is a dysfunctional pattern and structure that doesn’t serve us. Of course, it’s great to feel ‘comfortable’, we often seek ‘comfort’ in many ways – being with friends, in food, in escape watching movies, yet ‘comfort’ is not where growth happens.

In this state of flux and to help me navigate this time of change, I’ve asked yourself some questions…
• What am I resisting?
• What’s my souls’ vision?
• What makes me happy?
• Whose life have I enriched apart from mine?
• What legacy do I want to leave behind?
• What gifts, talents and abilities do I have to share?

Being made redundant creates a chaotic environment and requires us to navigate change. In the ultimate reframe – it is possible to look and appreciate this situation as a gift in disguise.

Here’s what my redundancy process has taught me…


I’m way more resilient than I gave myself credit for. I’ve sat ‘in the mud’ and felt sorry for myself on occasion. Yet I recognise it’s important to feel my emotions and embrace them fully to be able to move on.


I have an amazing network of brilliant, inspiring, and kind people around me, in both my professional and personal life and for that I’m extremely grateful. You’ve all been so supportive and listened when I’ve needed to talk.


For me, being in nature is an extremely important environment for healing, for quiet, for acceptance, and for growth. A daily dose of nature clears my head and refuels me for the day ahead.


Take a break, if possible, book a mini get-away, enjoy a change of scene at home or abroad, it works wonders and has given me clarity. We are all creators and co-create experiences all and every day.


I’m an artist, I paint and create for pleasure, and I’m extremely lucky to teach groups of people to paint a plethora of things from Highland Cows and Zebras to night scenes of Paris and Venice. Being creative and sharing my artistic skills fills my heart with joy.

New beginnings

To everyone in my network, and others I have yet to meet, I hope you’ve found reading this post empowering. And if you ever find yourself being made redundant, know that ‘rejection is redirection’. Reach out to your friends, reach out to your network, recognise the importance of play, take a break – you’ve got this!

And if you’re feeling a little stuck, remember, your track record for getting through challenging days is 100%, that’s always worth celebrating. Silver linings are everywhere, open your eyes and notice them, appreciate them. Celebrate your success.

To everyone I’ve had the pleasure to work with – Thank you for being amazing colleagues.

To everyone I’ve yet to meet – I’m looking forward to what we’re going to co-create together next!

A new chapter has begun!

Header image by Pexels – Scott Web.

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