Completion on 2022 and Creations for 2023

There’s often a big rush as December comes to a close, and January and a new year starts, to rush into making new year’s resolutions, which when made we’re super passionate about, and feel confident and committed to. Only to discover three or four weeks or months down the track that our passion has vaned, our confidence in being able to stick to them has almost evaporated, and our commitment has been replaced with apathy. I’ve been there many times and have experienced exactly this, so to save myself the distress and disappointment of not being able to stick to new year’s resolutions, about 10 years ago I decided not make them anymore.

Historically, my resolutions were rather vain, something along the lines of get fit, go on a diet, drop a dress size – all rather external and not very inspiring, which is probably why I didn’t have the will power or commitment to stick to them. Knowing what I know now, they’re also very ‘head’ lead and not ‘heart’ felt.

Introduction to Completion 

So, with resolutions behind me and a desire to find a new way of moving forwards, I now commit to a completion process at the end of every year. It’s a simple practice learnt from my experiential and intuitive trainings with a rather brilliant coaching company called Natural Success. For completion I simply ask four questions:

• What did you create good and bad?
• What did you learn good and bad?
• What are you over?
• What will you create next?

I love this process as it’s a bit like a hot knife through butter. The questions are direct, they enable you to get straight to the point, and invite you to step right in to the juicy bits.

Over the past few years, I’ve hosted a completion process online on Zoom for friends who’ve been curious to take a different approach to making resolutions. At the beginning of completion, I usually make brief introductions to ensure everyone feels comfortable, do a short meditation for 5 minutes or so to bring everyone together energetically as we’re often in different locations and countries, and from hear lead into the questions asking everyone to respond intuitively. This really is key, to respond to the questions intuitively and not over think anything, to tune in and go with what you receive – it’s a time to be open and go with the flow.

For each question I usually suggest you write for 10 minutes to capture what you receive, then invite everyone to share a couple of things that came up for them in the 5 minutes that follow. The beauty of everyone sharing is we get the opportunity to vocalise our insights and identify synchronicities that arise in the group; it also helps people to concretise and get clarity on their vision.

What do you want to create in 2023?

If you’re curious to experiment with a different approach to making resolutions, I whole heartedly invite you to give yourself the gift of completion. There’s magic in the process and it often sheds a light on something that would otherwise go unnoticed and undiscovered, yet when written and heard sets you off on a new journey, full of desire and intention.

For me, the results of my completion were love, joy, fun, and play – in abundance.

On that note as we step into 2023, may our hearts be open to receive, and may we embrace with open arms all that is meant for us.

Green heart shaped leaf image courtesy of Pexels and Pixabay.

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